The Horse

A travel writer once wrote, “If you want to see the real thing, not a reenactment, visit Lexington, Kentucky. They breed, birth, raise, sell, train and race the finest Thoroughbreds in the world.”

I’ll keep it short. Horses make central Kentucky special.

Being in the paddock of a galloping stallion is breathtaking.

It’s what we do.

Running Toward DawnBlue DawnSunrise RunCurlin 1229Foals with MareAptitude 0568Tiznow ConformationWar Chant051032413774Dc1of4.jpgShakespeare 0474Rock Hard Ten 1174Smart Strike 1250Discreetly Mine 1809Curlin ConformationAfter Market 2190Mineshaft 2404Quality Road 2147Quality Road 2159SuperSaver 1700Candy Ride 2466Lemon Drop Kid 3473Rock Hard Ten 3633Quality Road 4674Water troughAshford Stud TurnoutYearlings 8259Winstar Farm 3568Three Chimneys StallionsBlack Tie AffairDistorted Humor ConformationThree Chimneys Morning FogAP Indy b&wAptitude b&wMeadowlakePurge 7093Midnight Lute ConformationPoint GivenRolex Three Day Event 4820Alydar in the SnowEmpire Maker 4499Turf Race KeenelandHarlington ConformationCame Home 1517Curlin at Keeneland 2838Dixie Union 1394Eskendereya 1346Eskendereya 1404Mare and Foal 3153Lee P Thomas 5519Chaps and Saddle 5841Flower Alley 7430SilverCharm.jpgFlower Alley 7524Sunrise FogDynaformer 8190Tiznow 081304First Defense 1504Snow YearlingsKentucky Oaks Post Parade 050109Rachel Alexandra Winning the Kentucky OaksMares and Foals in June 9990Lee P Thomas 5560Lee P Thomas 5519Midnight Lute ConformationMizzen Mast3653Nureyev age 24 Last photo taken 102401Dressage Rolex 3 Day Event 4815Patrons at Rolex 3Day Event 4929Dressage Judge Rolex Three Day EventDressage Rolex 3 Day Event 5183Dressage Rolex 3 Day Event 5191Dressage Rolex 3 Day Event 5204Dressage Rolex 3 Day Event 5233Cross Country Rolex 3 Day Event 5296Cross Country Rolex 3 Day Event 5297Cross Country Rolex 3 Day Event 5334Cross Country Rolex 3 Day Event 5354Cross Country Rolex 3 Day Event 5367Cross Country Rolex 3 Day Event 5470Cross Country Rolex 3Day Event 5533Cross Country Rolex 3 Day Event 5853Stadium Jumping Rolex 3 Day Event 0427Stadium Jumping Crowd Rolex 3 Day Event 4852Stadium Jumping Rolex 3 Day Event 6000Stadium Jumping Rolex 3 Day Event 6043Champion, Rolex 3Day Event 6252Cross Country Rolex 3 Day Event 5343Shakespeare 3082Sky Mesa 7476Stallion In The Snow Darby Dan FarmMother and ChildCuriosityYearling 0909073458Three Chimneys FarmThree Chimneys farm 4815TCFDSC7447Good RewardTiznow at Coming Out Party Winstar FarmTriptych MotionTrophy CollectionSunsetMares at SunsetTraining The Shed RowYearling and His  GroomZensational and Aiden