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Located in a 3,000 sq.ft. studio in Lexington, Ky, clients have hired Lee Thomas to shoot beyond Kentucky's borders: From Washington, D.C. to Sidney, Australia... Seattle, Washington to London, England... New Orleans, Austin, San Jose & Los Angeles... Chicago & New York...and Lewellen, Nebraska, population 250. Clients include the professions of health care, law, energy, higher education, financial institutions, manufacturing, research & technology, culinary arts and the finest Thoroughbred horse farms in the world. While in journalism school at the University of Kentucky, a photojournalism class required that he use a camera, which is what started this whole thing. Even though he shoots commercially he still employs a photojournalistic approach in much of his work. He earned his journalism degree in 1975 and started his business in the spring of 1976. He's been working ever since. Knowledge and experience are great assets.

Lexmark International, “work faster & smarter”

We were honored to have been chosen to update the business portraits of Lexmark’s North America sales team. They’re a talented and dedicated group of people.

If you have or know of a company in need of making better business decisions by processing and structuring information including electronic files, paper documents, email and images, get in touch with Lexmark. They can help you get it done.

Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation visit

We want to thank the 60-some people who made up The Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation’s deTour visit to our Historic South Hill neighborhood last evening and who made our studio a special stop along the way. Their kindness and interest in our work and building couldn’t have been better. Thank you BGT.

“The Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation is a non-profit advocate for historic preservation that strives to protect, revitalize and promote the special historic places in our community in order to enhance the quality of life for future generations.”

My website’s working again, etc.

Wow! For 3 weeks my site has been on the fritz. I hope it hasn’t inconvenienced or discouraged you. If it has, please take another try at viewing our work.

During the last few weeks we’ve been providing our photography services to help market financial institutions (business portraits), website e-commerce sites (product photography), a cosmetic surgery clinic, 2 magazine articles (one about a chef’s expanding restaurant empire and the other on Alzheimer’s care), physicians’ and researchers’ portraits and 3 thoroughbred yearlings to promote their stallion sire, Twirling Candy. There’s more, but you get the idea. It’s what we do.

One more important thing… Spring has finally arrived in the Bluegrass. We hope you’re experiencing the lovely weather as well. ‘Til next time.

Hello world!

February 13, 2014
Hi, Everybody,
If you’re reading this, then this website is now live. It took 13 years to update the first and only site I’ve had which was masterfully designed but couldn’t be changed due to the technology of the time.

“And, you’re still in business?” you ask.

Yes. Very much so, and enjoying it immensely.

This new site isn’t as unique as my other, but it’s more comprehensive. You can now see the vast amount of photography we do of various aspects of business and life.

I’ll update regularly because I can and will, so visit again. Before you sign off, leave a comment. Take care.